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"I work with many, many Therapists. Cheryl is one of my absolute favorites. Extremely knowledgeable, wonderful to work with and loved by the families and children she sees. I can't recommend her highly enough."

Birthe Stern Minnick Child Development Specialist

"Cheryl is a rare gem in the world of early intervention. The care she places in your child and family is astounding. I looked forward to her home visits, where I knew my daughter would be cared for and treated by the best of hands. She's also a lifeline to the parent, helping to explain the process with kindness and clarity. I credit Cheryl with so much of my daughter's tremendous rehabilitation following her injury. My daughter is now caught up and hitting all her milestones, so happy, and (we are all) missing Cheryl."

Elizabeth Parent

"I started working with Dr. Cheryl Hubert when my son was about 18 months old. He had some strange difficulty with eating solid and different textured foods and overall was delayed in speech and coordination. Dr. Cheryl helped us overcome all of these difficulties. Some of these delays have translated into learning disabilities as my son has gotten older. However looking back, my appreciation to Dr, Cheryl is beyond what words can say. Seeing how far my son’s development has come is amazing. When I see older children who have not been fortunate enough to work with Cheryl with the same issues as my son is truly unbelievable. That is when I can see what a difference she has made in our lives because many of those difficulties are no longer an obstacle for us. She truly cares about the children and their development. For that reason I have stayed in touch with her over the years to ask for advice and have someone to talk to that understands."

Michelle Parent

"Cheryl was instrumental in helping us identify and address some feeding issues our infant son was facing.  She went above and beyond expectations in her service and attention to our family.  She truly cared how we were doing and checked in on us regularly through phone calls, texts and emails.  She was a very sympathetic ear in a difficult time, taking time to listen and offer guidance.  Cheryl easily won over our son and us with her kind and gentle disposition, making sessions seem effortless and enjoyable.  Beyond all of this, she is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced Occupational Therapist.  Her breadth of knowledge and skill are clearly apparent, and her treatment helped our son enormously."  

Rachel Parent

"I have known Cheryl for over 25 years, personally and professionally. Cheryl’s passion for her work is present throughout her personhood. Her excellent education and training are an outgrowth of her kind, compassionate, and intellectually curious nature. As a professional, she brings her genuineness and heart. As a friend, she brings the foundation of all her knowledge. Cheryl’s clients benefit from her keen intellect and the integrity she brings to her work. She seamlessly blends her capacity for behavioral and family dynamic analysis with warmth and positivity. Cheryl’s breadth of knowledge within the field of psychology spans from her in-depth studies of psychology, kinesiology, occupational therapy, neuroscience and the interrelatedness of mind and body, and she has a strong background in psychoanalytic studies, obtaining a doctoral degree specializing in understanding the brain development and the psychosocial and psychodynamic impact of the mother-child dyad. For 25 years Cheryl has been my go-to source for child, adolescent, and family behavioral, psychodynamic, and functional impairment advice."

Dr. Jonna Fries, PsyD. Faculty Psychologist, Cal State LA

"Soon after our daughter was diagnosed being autistic, we were introduced to Dr. Cheryl Hubert.  Our daughter had been receiving Child Development services through the North Valley Regional Center, but it hadn't been very effective.  Our daughter was non-verbal and lived in her own world.  We wondered if she'd ever talk, if she'd ever connect with the rest of the world, or even us.


Then we met Cheryl, who had an entirely different approach.  She built a relationship with our daughter, then used sensory exercises and other OT techniques to draw her slowly out of her own world and into ours.  It started with eye contact and vocalizations, and led to words.  Unlike what we saw with Child Development or later, ABA, our daughter didn't try to escape from her sessions.  Cheryl had strategically lured her into our world and began to teach her functional play.  Step-by- step, she progressed and learned to interact with other people outside of her personal bubble.  Cheryl also taught us, her parents, how to understand our daughter's sensory integration issues and how to support her needs. 


We know that every child on the spectrum is different.  What Cheryl has brought into this complex condition is that she is able to cater to each child's unique, individual needs.  Autism is not something that can be treated through a cookie-cutter, "one technique fits all" approach.  Her strategies, combining floor time play and OT, has made our daughter progress much more than any other treatments she's received.

M.O Parent

"I have known Cheryl professionally for several years.  She skillfully weaves both her occupational therapy training and child-parent mental health training into her work. Her extensive and advanced training is evident in her ability to provide parents with a wide variety of useful information regarding their child's total development.  In our close work together, co-facilitating a mother-child mindful parenting group, she was always attentive to what was happening with the children emotionally, physically and cognitively while also supporting parents in their questions or challenges.  She was thoughtful in her responses, supporting parents in delving more deeply into themselves and the dynamics that exist with their child while holding a loving and calm presence. I would whole-heartedly recommend Cheryl to ANY parent who wants to further explore their relationship with their child and/or who is concerned about their child's early development. She's a true gem!

Liz Goldman LCSW

"We met Cheryl Hubert through the regional center and have been lucky enough to work with her for almost 2 years. She has been incredibly patient, kind, and is almost like part of the family now. She is excellent at connecting with our 2 1/2-year-old daughter and has been since day one. She has great maternal instincts and is nonjudgmental and a wonderful parent educator. We highly recommend her for feeding therapy and will continue utilizing her expertise for as long as we need her!"

D.K. - Parent

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